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Top 5 Regrets Couples Have About Their Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when it comes to money and finding the perfect venue. Not to mention picking out a weddings dress, bridesmaids outfits, cakes, meals, the list goes on and on. Of course we can’t blame ourselves for getting caught in the whirl-wind of it all, but we also have to […]

Top 20 Boston Wedding Videographers

McElroy Weddings was ranked one of the top 20 Videographers in Boston! We are extremely excited to share this news and would like to thank Expertise, LLC for thinking of us. At McElroy Weddings we really take pride on great customer service. We want to make sure that each and every one of our clients […]

Top 10 Misconceptions Couples Have Regarding Video

Here at McElroy Weddings we get asked a variety of questions. Since we are a Professional Videography company, the majority of the questions we are asked are about video. There are many misconceptions when it comes to wedding video, especially if you are not familiar with the videography process. Today, we’d like to answer some […]

Cape Cod Weddings

As Spring and Summer are approaching, many couples are looking into having their weddings in beach towns, like the ever so popular Cape Cod! Many couples love the Cape, specifically because it gives off a beachy island vibe and who wouldn’t enjoy that! Not to mention the beautiful views of the ocean and picturesque sunsets […]

Is Wedding Videography a New Trend for 2017?

Wedding Videography itself has not become a new trend in 2017, but different aspects within wedding videography have progressed over the last several years. Couples want to incorporate some of the new trends, while others prefer to keep it simple. Wedding Videography has progressed in many ways. Couples now want to incorporate drones, Go- Pros, […]

Top 10 Florida Wedding Destinations

Weddings destinations have become increasingly popular over the last couple years. Here at McElroy Weddings we have filmed many destination weddings, especially in Florida. Destination weddings tend to be cost-effective, especially if you are looking for a more laidback, small, beach wedding vibe. It’s unique and your videography/photography will surely stand out. You basically begin […]

Why Blend in, When You Can Stand Out!

Most bride-to-be’s do their research when planning or even thinking about their wedding. They look up the most popular trends, colors, styles, venues, etc. While doing your research is important and can spark some ideas, it is also good to make sure you’re creating a wedding that you and your fiancé truly love! Not just […]

Why You Should Use Drone Videography for Your Big day!

Drones have become increasingly popular in the last 2 to 3 years. McElroy Weddings has received Section 333 Exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. Our Pilots are UAS licensed and we’re insured for aerial Drone videography. If you don’t know what a Drone is, it is a small unmanned aircraft that is able to fly […]

2017 Wedding Trends

  With a New Year comes new trends in the world of Weddings. We did our research and found the most popular trends we should plan on seeing in 2017:   *Destination Weddings *Unique Venues *Color/Bright Accents/Metallics *Social Media, such as Hashtags and Snapchat GEO Filters *Garden Plants (Greenery) *Neutral/Modern theme *Stylish invitations *Custom Menus […]

New Years Resolutions

For any of you reading this, you know every year we make a promise to ourselves that we are going to change and accomplish everything we’ve ever dreamed of in the next new year.  There are so many blogs and articles claiming ‘YES aim big for your new year’s resolutions’ or ‘NO aim small instead,’ […]

Mannequin Challenge?!

Let’s face it, Social Media has taken over our lives…to the point where we are willing to stop breathing for a couple seconds at a time in order to look like a Mannequin…Yeah 2016 has been pretty real. Social Media is the pathway to trends, whether it’s spreading awareness (such as the ice bucket challenge […]

Winter Wedding Essentials

Everyone always raves about gorgeous summer weddings. Yes, living in New England can be pretty dull in the winter, but your wedding doesn’t have to be! Holidays bring the best out of people (besides the casual mall fights on black friday), it is a perfect time to get everyone together that you love and celebrate […]
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