Why Blend in, When You Can Stand Out!

Most bride-to-be’s do their research when planning or even thinking about their wedding. They look up the most popular trends, colors, styles, venues, etc. While doing your research is important and can spark some ideas, it is also good to make sure you’re creating a wedding that you and your fiancé truly love! Not just because they are popular trends.

For instance, if you want to wear a dress that isn’t white on your wedding day, go ahead! Do what your heart desires. Everyone’s style is different, as long as your confident and own it on your big day, you’ll have all eyes on you. Every style can be done tastefully, if done correctly!

If you and your fiancé happen to be more edgy, look at weddings that are similar to your style! If you both have a great love for the beach, why not have a beach wedding? Some people want carnival, even nightclub inspired weddings! Some even want performers and others prefer to keep it simple with a backyard wedding.

Same thing goes for food! Many people prefer to do a buffet style or rather have hand out menus to the guests, it’s all on preference.

As for venues, find a place that you and your fiancé truly love or has meaning. Don’t just get a barn because that’s in style, get a place that makes you both happy and comfortable, and if your content with the location…your guests will be too!!

If you’re on a tight budget, getting a simple room/venue is just fine! There are always DIY decorations. With thought and effort, your ceremony/reception will look just as beautiful as someone whose spent thousands of dollars.

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