Choosing Music for Your Wedding Video

Choosing music for your wedding video can be a daunting task.  There are so many choices and genres of music, it may seem overwhelming at first.  Music is fundamentally the most important aspect of your wedding film since it sets the overall tone and feel of your video.  It essentially creates the soundtrack to your special day and will stay with you for years to come.

The truth is, the music you choose can either make or break your wedding video. It is important that you choose songs wisely.  Although that current pop song that you love sounds good now, will you still like it in 5, 10, 20 years from now?  If a song is constantly being played on the radio or if you hear it at other events, is that a good choice for your wedding film? It may have a fabulous beat, but it will probably not seem unique and special for your wedding.

So What Songs Should I Choose?

Choose songs that are personal and meaningful to your lives; something timeless, that you don’t think you will get tired of.  Maybe you and your fiancé have a special song that when you hear it, it brings you back to a special time you shared together.  Perhaps your first dance song should be an option.  Any song that offers special meaning to your life should be considered for your wedding video.Flower Girl Dance

However, you must take into account the speed of the songs you like.  From an editor’s point of view, a song is generally what carries the video and creates the flow of how it looks.  It is best to edit to a song that has some sort of happy beat.  That is why we recommend upbeat songs for most of your wedding chapters.  It is probably best to save that slow song you love for the credits section of your video and choose livelier songs for the rest.  This will not only give your video a fun feel, but will also be more visually pleasing to those watching. Think of it this way- it wouldn’t be enjoyable to watch people jumping up and down, dancing crazy to a slow love song.

guy dancing on Make A Gif

Whatever songs you end up choosing, just remember that they will stay with you forever.  If you are really in a pickle about what songs to choose, it is always okay to ask your video editor for suggestions.