Decorating Your Own Wedding?

Four reasons why that is always a beautiful idea

If you are looking to bring your own intimate touch to your wedding, below are four reasons why creating your own decorations is a spot-on path to follow:

  1. Control

I mean, who doesn’t like to be in control? Embellishing your own wedding allows you to be in power. Instead of having to call your event coordinator, or your designer, when you see something of interest, you can simply take note and research more on how to make it your own. You have room to improve and maintain your decorations whenever you please. Who wouldn’t want that? Being in control allows you to have direct influence on your ceremony and reception as well as being involved thoroughly throughout the entire planning process. Plus, you’ll LOVE the outcome because you created it.

  1. Enjoyment

Between looking for a venue, DJ, videographer, etc., wedding planning can get hectic. A great way to escape that is piecing together center pieces, and little table garnishes for your guests while enjoying music and a hot cup of tea (or whatever you please)! Gathering your bridal party adds a touch of fun to designing and allows all to get to know one another, if they haven’t had the opportunity too.

  1. Your Inner Kid is Unleashed

The imagination of children runs wild when they are presented the chance to create something new. Whether it is with paper and crayons, or to craft a small story, children envision their greatest desires and brings them to life. As you decorate your own wedding, your inner child is unleashed. The opportunities to do anything and everything is open. If you do not want flowers, no need. If you want to add some glitter, go right ahead! Still aren’t sure on a color palette for the table settings? No need to rush. Remember reason number one: you are in control. As you begin browsing decorations, the ideas will flow, and you’ll begin to understand just what your inner kid wants to create.

  1. Less Expensive

If you are a stickler for inexpensive, but beautiful finishing touches, decorating on your own is perfect. Michaels, Amazon, Etsy, etc. are all companies that provide brides with the most perfect wedding decorations for a price that fits your budget. No need to pay an individual to do your shopping for you, or to decorate YOUR own wedding. Your inner child will help you see items and objects in a way that you would have never imagined.

DIY- Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpiece

DIY- Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpiece

Having a winter wedding and want to keep the flowers to a minimum? Try using LED Birch Trees with a white and silver pine cone wreath at the base.  Place this centerpiece on a glass plate with tea-lights and glittered snowflakes and your beautiful inexpensive centerpiece is complete!

This list could go on, and on with reasons as to why decorating your own wedding is a beautiful idea. Hand written signs and personal decorations adds intimate touches for the guest to cherish and remember. Control, Enjoyment, Unleashing Your Inner Kid, and Less Expensive are the top reasons to have your wedding be truly unique and all yours. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” –Rachel Zoe




Happy Wedding Decorating!