Top 10 Misconceptions Couples Have Regarding Video

Here at McElroy Weddings we get asked a variety of questions. Since we are a Professional Videography company, the majority of the questions we are asked are about video. There are many misconceptions when it comes to wedding video, especially if you are not familiar with the videography process. Today, we’d like to answer some of the most frequent questions and misconceptions couples have on their wedding video.



  • Your video will come out just as good if your friend films it on their IPhone or non-professional camera



This route may be a lot cheaper or free, but if you’re looking to have a good quality video that you will be looking back on for years and sharing with family/friends, this isn’t the best way to go about it. This is also not a very good idea for editing. Professional Videography companies have the right equipment and experienced editors that make sure you video looks the best it possibly can and will provide clips for social media!



  • Will you have a say in the editing process?



Yes, of course! It is your video so your opinion is highly respected and encouraged! Here in McElroy Weddings, our clients are asked to fill out a form prior to the wedding date. In this for, the bride/groom/ or coordinator is able to write any special requests/songs you may have. We also send out the trailer and cinematic highlight open to suggestions, so if we deliver one or the other to you and you see something that you’d like changed, we are more than happy to make the adjustment!



  • Every Trailer and Cinematic Highlight video are going to be the same length.



This is something we’ve been asked before at McElroy Weddings! And it is a great observation. If you find that your Trailer/Cinematic Highlight may be shorter than another couple’s, it is due to the fact that the couple had special requests, meaning they either wanted more filming done for a specific reason or wanted the videographer/editor to focus on a person or performance on their big day.



  • Is getting my wedding day filmed really worth it?



This is something that comes across every couple’s mind when they are figuring out what their budget is for their big day. If you want to be able to share your special day with family and friends, especially those who possibly couldn’t attend the wedding, or your kids in the future- wedding videography is a must have. It is an event in your life that is special and should be captured as thus! Here are McElroy Weddings we love the term “relive the moment,” because that’s exactly how you should feel when watching your wedding video.



  • The songs in your Cinematic Highlight aren’t important.



This is false. Cinematic Highlight songs are very important! We’ve gotten a lot of requests in the past to pick the songs ourselves. Although the Editors pick out songs for the trailers, for Cinematic Highlights it’s best if the couple picks out the songs! Since the highlight is a longer video it’s crucial to choose songs that you and your fiancé love and won’t get annoyed by every time it is played. The best songs are ones with meaning.



  • Will I be receiving my wedding video the next day?



No, when working with a professional videography company it takes a couple months until your able to receive the video. There is typically a timeline as to when the editors are able to take a look at the footage and create the trailer, once the trailer is approved by the client then they are able to move forward with the editing process for the Cinematic Highlight. The process can be anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks or 14 to 18 weeks, depending on the time of the year and workflow.



  • Do I really need 2 videographers? Or can I just stick with 1?



You can decide to only have 1 videographer, but with McElroy Weddings we always book a lead shooter and second shooter on each wedding. This is mandatory because we want to ensure each moment at the wedding is being captured, if we only have 1 videographer it makes it hard to capture both the Bride and Groom, along with family members and friends. It’s a great way to get a variety of footage for your wedding video.



  • Will I be able to speak to the videographer prior to the wedding?



Yes! At McElroy Weddings we always make sure that the lead videographer calls a week prior to the wedding date. That way if the couple has any questions about the filming process or schedule, the videographer will be able to discuss all aspects in order to be as prepared as possible for their special day! From the booking date to the wedding date we have a Marketing and Sales Executive that is able to answer any questions!



  • Will my video have to be Public?



Here at McElroy Weddings we’ve gotten many requests from clients stating that they would like no media consent. Meaning, if you decide that you’d like the video to be private we won’t share it on any social media accounts or with potential clients. The video will only be for your eyes and whom you’d like to share it with. Although we love being able to share what a beautiful wedding you may have had, we also understand the importance of privacy!



  • Can the videographer pull out last minute?



We ensure that your wedding day will be filmed no matter what! If something is to happen to the videographers that we scheduled for your wedding day, we are responsible for scheduling another videographer to take their place. We wouldn’t pull out of a job and leave our clients high and dry! This can be fairly different for other videography companies that may not be as professional. We’ve had many instances when Brides call our office asking if we are available for their wedding date, due to the fact that their videographer pulled out of the job last minute! This is why we make sure to have a signed contract on both of our ends.


I hope we were able to answer any common questions or misconceptions about video! For any additional questions feel free to shoot us an email at, we are here to help!