Wedding Videography is Strongly Important to Brides.

Wedding videography is gaining some traction in this technological age.

Some quick facts about wedding videography. Survey, commissioned by the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA)

– Ninety-eight percent of surveyed newlyweds recommended that brides have their weddings videotaped
– Before the wedding, only a little more than half of surveyed brides considered wedding video a “Top 10” service in comparison to other wedding-related services. However, after the wedding, that number climbs to 75%.
– 38% did not have their weddings videotaped by anyone – amateur or professional, and apparently have some regrets. Sixty-three percent of them now either somewhat or strongly recommend that future brides hire a professional videographer.
– Brides said video does a better job of capturing the emotions of the day, records the history of the day better, and they strongly feel that future children will enjoy their wedding video more than their wedding photographs. Brides need professional services for both.
– When asked: “If you had a choice between looking at your grandparent’s wedding photos or their wedding video, which would you choose?” 61% of these upscale brides ($30,000+) said they would rather see the video.

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