Is Wedding Videography a New Trend for 2017?

Wedding Videography itself has not become a new trend in 2017, but different aspects within wedding videography have progressed over the last several years. Couples want to incorporate some of the new trends, while others prefer to keep it simple.

Wedding Videography has progressed in many ways. Couples now want to incorporate drones, Go- Pros, portable video/photo booths, and with the rise in social media marketing many wedding venues are posting their clients wedding videos to their social media pages and website portfolios. Not only is this great for the videography company, but also for the venue itself. If the venue has ample space, pretty décor, other accommodations, that potential client viewing the video may book with them.

Also, Wedding Videos are no longer hours and hours long of footage, but rather highlighting the most important and beautiful moments that should be remembers and shared. Most couples receive Trailers, which is a condensed version of the Cinematic Highlight video which tends to be about 15-25 minutes long. The length of a Trailer is about 3-5 Minutes. It is easy to post to Facebook and Instagram, which makes sharing your wedding day a lot easier.

Here are some articles that round up some of the most used trends when it comes to Wedding Videography!

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Wedding trends are forever evolving, as well as videography. New styles of filming come out every so often, which makes this industry exciting and unique. If a couple has anything planned for their wedding day such as, a choreographed dance, elaborate entrances/exits, performers, ETC, makes the whole experience of filming even better!

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