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McElroy Weddings was founded on the belief that one of the happiest days of your life should not last just ONE day, but should be captured in all its glory so you can relive the moments for years to come. We approach your big day with a cinematic, photo-journalistic style, so you can focus on your wedding day while we capture the amazing footage. We take pride in developing relationships with our couples for a more personal and meaningful experience. The McElroy Weddings team has grown to include some of the most talented cinematographers in the New England area as well as an award-winning staff of editors dedicated to creating a beautiful video that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Meet the Team

Benjamin J. McElroy

As the founder of McElroy Weddings, Ben takes tremendous pride in his work and has over 10 years experience shooting and editing films.

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Lauren de Castro
Sales and Marketing Executive

Lauren is an experienced wedding and corporate videographer with extensive background in organizing large events through video production

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Mike Wallace

Mike lends over 20 years of video production experience to every wedding. He started his career as an editor for Speedvision Network.

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Armando Valoy

Armando is a veteran of well over 300 weddings and events both in the US and in his native Dominican Republic and beyond.

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Andrea and Doug

Husband and wife team, Andrea and Doug, came to wedding cinematography after years spent working in the arts and television.

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Mike Grimmett

Mike’s passion for filmmaking began at Columbia College Hollywood Film School, where he worked on dozens of short films.

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Zachary Nguyen

Zachary has always had a passion for video. He strives to create stories through video that can inspire and touch people.

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Gesar Dorji
Freelance Videographer

Gesar is a freelance videographer based in Brooklyn, NY. originally from the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, he is well versed in all levels of film production while bringing cultural, and artistic flair into his work.Read More

Mike Young
Mike joined the team in December of 2011. He graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2010 with a BA in Film, Video and Interactive Media…Read More
Mark DerHovanessian

Mark is our creative editor for wedding and corporate videos. He’s been a part of the team since 2012 after graduating from Framingham State University where he studied film and studio arts…

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Valery Raymond

Valery is a wedding editor extraordinaire.  She joined the team in 2013.  Her vivaciousness and humor find their way into her work and helps keep the McElroy Weddings office exuberant…

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  • Lead Videographer: 8 Hours
  • Second Videographer: 6 Hours
  • Hosted Trailer Video
  • Cinematic Highlight Video
  • Digital Copy of Final Video
  • Lead Videographer: 8 Hours
  • Second Videographer: 8 Hours
  • Hosted Trailer Video
  • Cinematic Highlight Video
  • Digital Copy of Final Video
  • Full Ceremony & Reception Chapters
  • Digitally Mastered DVDs: 2 Copies
  • Lead Videographer: 10 Hours
  • Second Videographer: 10 Hours
  • Third Videographer: 5 Hours
  • Hosted Trailer Video
  • Cinematic Highlight Video
  • Digital Copy of Final Video
  • Full Ceremony & Reception Chapters
  • Digitally Mastered DVDs: 4 Copies
  • Blu-ray Discs: 2 Copies
  • Raw Footage: Provided on a Hard Drive



Available Additions

Upgrade to DVD (Includes Authoring & 2 Discs) • Upgrade to Blu-ray (Includes Authoring & 1 Disc) • +1 Extra Hour of Coverage 

+1 Videographer Time-Lapse/Steadicam/Slider (4 Hours) • Raw Footage (Hard Drive) • Save-The-Date Video




The Wedding Trailer is an artistic blend of video from the day that serves to summarize all the best and important moments in a short video perfect for sharing with friends, family, and the world! This is set to a cinematic, instrumental song, chosen by us from The Music Bed that lets all the beautiful footage, audio clips, details, laughs and smiles to speak for themselves. The length is typically 3-5 minutes.

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Cinematic Highlight Video

The Cinematic Highlight Video is your whole day, wrapped up in a fully-edited piece that typically runs about 15-25 minutes, depending on the amount of vows, speeches, and special events throughout your day. This is a vast expansion on the Trailer, that will include all of the important moments and events of the day in their entirety, interwoven with lots of great footage of details, behind-the-scenes moments and you and your guests having a great time! You get to select up to 3 songs of your choosing (anything you want!) that will be used along with additional Music Bed tracks to help tell your story in a romantic, exciting and fun way.

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Available chapters to purchase


The Pre-Ceremony chapter is a one-song montage of footage of you getting ready for the day. Hair, makeup, jewelry, tuxes, ties, shoes, putting on the dress…we capture it all to get a fun and intimate look into the time leading up to when you first see each other! Much of this is fun, off-the-cuff behind-the-scenes moments that capture the emotions and character of you and the wedding party.

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The Ceremony chapter is a live-event style video of your ceremony.  The only edits being made are for aesthetic or technical purposes (switching angles, adjusting audio levels, etc.).  We will also edit out any long pauses, such as the time it takes for a reader to walk up to a podium, or back to their seat.  Other than that, it’s all live video and live audio of everything that happened!

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The Formals chapter is when we follow along with you, your wedding party and the photographers, and capture your photo-taking session.  While your photographers are snapping pics, we’re getting it all on video, including some of those in-between moments that they may miss!  If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million!

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The Reception chapter is similar to the Ceremony chapter in that it serves the purpose of reliving all the events of your reception in live, real-time video and audio.  That includes all the major moments:  introductions, first dance, toasts, parent dances, cake cutting, and any other special event you may have planned.  In addition to the live portions, we also like to include two montages: a one-song montage of the cocktail hour (guests mingling, plus shots of all your details such as table settings, cards, the cake, and the venue in general before it is filled with guests) and a one-song montage of all the best dancing footage.

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The Credits chapter rolls just like credits in a real movie… with a twist!  We like to include additional video clips alongside the scrolling text of your wedding party and other important people’s names.  This is footage that could be hilarious “outtakes” or just more footage that didn’t quite make the cut into the final polished video.  The text can also include anything you want, from special dedications or remembrances, to poems or quotes, or thank-you messages, it’s up to you!

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Yes! We film your wedding in High Definition for a clearer resolution compared to standard definition video. We use cutting-edge technology and top of the line equipment to film your special day.  



Our videographers include some of the most talented cinematographers in the New England area. Combined, our videographers have filmed over 500 weddings and have decades of experience. To learn more about our videographers click here.  



We initially send out a 3-4 minute trailer to the couple. Once the trailer is approved, we continue the editing process and create a 15-20 minute cinematic highlight video. Additional chapters are available to add on to your package. Click here to learn more.  



We take a photo-journalistic, fly-on-the-wall approach when filming. We are not directorial or obtrusive. You can focus on your wedding day while we focus on capturing all of the special moments and everything in between.  



Depending on the time of year, you can expect your final package within 8-14 weeks.  


Other Questions? Feel free to contact us and we will happily answer any questions you may have.


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