2016 Best Wedding Venues

Last week McElroy Weddings took the time to congratulate The Best of Boston 2016 winners, but we left the best venues for last.

Let’s face it, picking a venue is hard. If you are a bride or groom looking for some ideas on the perfect location for your special day, you’ve come to the right place!

Thank you to The Best of Boston for making this list:

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Rustic in Boston

Congratulations to The Barn at Gibbet Hill for making the list of best wedding venues!
Here at McElroy Weddings, a portion of our clients have had their weddings held at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA and the videos always come out spectacular! The vintage/rustic feel brings comfort, but also brings some chic style into the mix. The nature surrounding The Barn is just spectacular for outdoors footage!

Here is a recent wedding we had the pleasure of filming at The Barn at Gibbet Hill: https://vimeo.com/154879523

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Unique in Boston

The Boston Public Library is an amazing location to have a wedding, believe it or not. Unique is just the word for it! The architecture and elegance of the library, with its castle like feel, will make the bride and groom feel like the ultimate prince and princess. Thank you to the Boston Public library for keeping classic elegance alive!

McElroy Weddings has had the pleasure to film weddings at the Boston Public Library! Here is one, take a look: https://vimeo.com/97546655

2016 Best Wedding Venue, New in Boston

The Commonwealth Hotel has become the new hotspot for couples! With their incredible view, to their new modern look, it is the perfect location to have a wedding! We anticipate a lot of bride and grooms contacting McElroy Weddings, looking to have their wedding filmed at this venue!

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Nantucket in Boston

The Nantucket Hotel and Resort is a nice vacation away from home, with a cozy island feel. They have renovated their ballroom! At Nantucket they also incorporate lounge seating, pool, and fire pits! This makes the location convenient to guests. Yay for Nantucket Hotel and Resort!

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Museum in Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts
has made The Best of Boston list and we know exactly why! This museum is just beautiful, if you are from Boston you know! This location is popular to many tourists, so why not have a wedding here? It is a perfect location for art lovers. The architecture of the Koch room is built so it is private from the rest of the museum, but also incorporates art work!

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Cape Cod in Boston

The Wequassett Resort and Golf Club is the perfect location to have a wedding! The water surrounding the resort is just beautiful and really brings a relaxed and calm feel to the environment. McElroy Weddings has had the pleasure of filming at this venue and we just love it!

Wedding shot at Wequassett resort: https://vimeo.com/147896873

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Coastal in Boston

The Crane Estate is absolutely stunning! If you and your partner are big fans of nature and some ocean waves, this is the perfect location for you!

McElroy Weddings has filmed at The Crane Estate, check out the link: https://vimeo.com/107861515

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Ballroom/Suburbs in Boston

Congratulations to The Lakeview Pavilion! Located in Foxboro, MA. This venue was re-built in 2015 and they have done an excellent job! The ballroom is one for the books. The all white room with high ceilings looks and feels like a dream come true for a wedding!

Checkout the link:  https://vimeo.com/169778271

2016 Best Wedding Venue, Ballroom/City in Boston

If you want to get creative, The State Room is the perfect option for you! This venue overlooks the city, making it the perfect location for a day or night wedding. The view is just spectacular!

Link: https://vimeo.com/159369067

Additional Venues include:

The Beach Plum Inn located in Martha’s Vineyard and The Hancock Shaker Village located in the Berkshires! Both of these locations are gorgeous!

Well, I hope this blog helped you find the perfect venue for your BIG day!
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