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Christ Genty

Greetings from the Bay State! I am Christ Genty, an acclaimed filmmaker and photographer inspired by life’s most captivating moments. Based in Massachusetts, my expertise lies in artfully documenting the splendor of love through wedding videography. My aesthetic is refined, my approach is intimate, and my passion is ceaseless. Each wedding is a unique narrative waiting to be told, and I delight in capturing every detail, both grand and subtle, as they unfold beautifully in front of my lens.

But my craft does not stop at weddings. In the quieter moments, I venture into the realm of portrait photography, where I seek to capture the nuanced beauty of the human spirit. I am also adept at music video production, lending my visual acumen to the dynamic, rhythmic world of music and performance. Regardless of the setting, my passion lies in capturing the essence of a moment. Those fleeting, seemingly ordinary instances when looked at closely, often reveal extraordinary stories. By immortalizing these in my work, I aim to capture not just images, but emotions, relationships, and the intimate interplay of light and life. It is my honor and pleasure to help you preserve these precious moments, transforming them into timeless memories that can be cherished forever.