Omni Parker House Boston

The Omni Parker House has tons of history, from the lobby to the bar & restaurant. We had the excitement to film at this grand hotel and enjoy a full wedding service right next door at the historic King’s Chaple in downtown Boston. The reception took place on the top floor in the Alcott ballroom. Once you step foot into it’s grand lobby and see all the intricate woodwork and design you’ll feel like you’re back in the early 1900’s. The Omni Parker has had it’s fair share of noble celebrities and politicians. Apparently the Omni Parker was where JFK proposed to Jackie in the hotel’s restaurant one night.

The Omni Parker has also been home to some paranormal activity. Allegedly a a former stage actress haunts the third floor of the Omni Parker and the hotel’s elevators sometimes navigate to a floors when no buttons are pressed. I’m not trying to scare you away, It’s just a very interesting and unique wedding venue. We highly recommend a visit.

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