Wedding Videography 101: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our wedding videography lesson! We’re sharing 101 tips on what to look for in your wedding videographer and your wedding video itself. Missed Part 1? Check it out here:

11. Make sure your videographer’s style fits your vision: You are the benefactor of a movie in which you are playing the leading role. Own it!

bride director

12. Some videographers are best at detail shots. Some are best at ceremonies. Ask your videographer to tell you what he’s the best at and see if it lines up with your needs. If there are multiple videographers, they should complement one another and not cover the same things the same way.


13. If your videographer’s only experience is going to college for video, that’s usually not enough. In the video world, nothing beats practical, and specific wedding experience. For instance, we would choose a seasoned wedding videographer over a Hollywood director for a wedding any day. Very different experience.


14. Lawn Professional on weekdays and videographer by weekend? Might want to go with someone who does video full time.


15. Raw unedited footage is worth it. Get it on a hard drive or DVDs. Something has to be edited out of your final wedding video and raw footage is a great and easy way to catch a few things that might not have fit into the edited version.


16. Always watch full wedding samples BEFORE shelling out the bucks.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.36.06 AM

17. It’s not an absolute must-have, but a married videographer might know and understand your emotions going into your wedding day and identify important moments.


18. Forget fancy video vernacular: If the video looks and sounds great to you, it’s great.


19. A videographer familiar with your venue is a definite plus.


20. Don’t hand over the cash until you have a detailed contract that protects you.