Wedding Videography 101: Part 4

Don’t skip over Part 4 of our latest blog series Wedding Videography 101! We’re giving you the most exclusive insights from both our editors and videographers, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this round.

31. Think about a video for your save-the-date. The possibilities are endless. Brides-to-be have done everything from movie trailers to reciting poetry with mandolin accompaniment. Have fun with it!


32. If your videographer insists on ‘just showing up’ and doesn’t ask about your schedule or other particulars of your wedding day, he/she shouldn’t be your videographer.

bride meeting

33. Don’t catch your videographer by surprise! Be as detailed as you can with your schedule, contact info, and special events. That said, any planner will tell you not to over-plan and make sure there is ample time for you and your vendors to get from one place to another without too much stress.


34. There have been times when weddings in the city have come on the same day as ‘the big game’ or the ‘Pride parade’. Might want to think about other events that might make it difficult to travel the streets or cause a quiet venue to become polluted with noise.


35. It’s not a bad idea to consult with your videographer about anything and everything. Remember: An experienced videographer has been to hundreds of weddings and has seen it all.


36. Interviewing guests at weddings has started to go out of favor as you usually only get the intoxicated to participate and usually they become a rambling annoyance rather than anything funny or touching.

drunk at wedding

37. If you are picking music for the final edit of your wedding, make sure to pick it before it’s shot so that the videographer can have the songs in mind. However, sometimes, after it’s all shot, you realize your wedding took on an entirely different tone than expected and you want to choose music that fits the tone of your wedding.


38. It’s a good idea to convey to your videographer any special requests as it pertains to editing your video before it is shot so the videographer can have it in mind while he/she is shooting. There are certain things that just can’t be done in the editing room unless it was shot a certain way.


39. Videographers are naturally visual people. The best way to convey an idea is to find a video online that is similar to show and tell.


40. Not every bride is interested in posting her wedding all over the web, so tell your videographer your preferences before anything is shot.