Wedding Videography 101: Part 5

Congratulations… you’ve reached the halfway point of our 101 Wedding Videography tips! By the time you get to the end, you’ll have enough videography knowledge to shoot your wedding yourself! (Bonus tip: don’t do that.) Read on!

41. Video professionals like to use weddings they’re proud of to show other potential clients and show up their peers. Let ‘em do it! You’re beautiful.


42. A videographer will serve as a witness if you’re eloping.


43. Brides planning a backyard/beach/garden wedding: Have a rain plan in place! They say rain is a good omen for newlyweds and their procreative properties, but can really restrict your photo and video options. Needless to say, video cameras become expensive paperweights in the rain.


44. Believe it: Footage of the bride and groom getting ready before the ceremony is where you find some of the best and exciting memories.


45. You might not be shy, but your videographer might. Warn your videographer when you’re changing into your dress to avoid awkward situations. A true professional should make you feel comfortable, but videography is art, not a fun video for your hubby to enjoy later.

dress change

46. G String theory: There has been a recent trend to wear cute panties with words like ‘bride’ or ‘for groom’s eyes only’ emblazed on the hindquarters. So don’t be offended if your photo or video vendors ask about your butt.


47. Third wheels: Your videographer shouldn’t feel intrusive on your wedding day, but still should be there for every detail.


48. Don’t look at the camera! Most videographers are more or less documentarians and want to watch the natural evolution of your wedding day and very rarely want you to connect directly with the camera. This, of course, is not true of photographers who want your undivided attention at all times.


49. Make sure your videographer is familiar with your religious and familial traditions. There are innumerable forms of every religion and you can’t assume your videographer will know everything.

jewish wedding

50. It’s all in the details: Creativity from your videographer is good, but only after they have the important stuff in the can.