Why Wedding Videography is Great for Venues

It’s common knowledge that every engaged couple should have a wedding videographer when they get married. A wedding videographer will capture moments in a way that a photographer simply can’t, and will give the newlyweds something truly special to return to decade after decade.


But what about how wedding videography helps wedding venues? Here’s what Avo Petrossian, owner of Blush Banquet Hall in Los Angeles, has to say about how wedding videography is a huge benefit to wedding venues.


Adds Credibility


“When a venue works steadily with a wedding videographer or wedding videography company and does a good job, we recommend that person or company to our couples,” says Petrossian. “Very often, the couples who book with us are quick to ask us who the best florist is, who the best wedding band is, who the best caterer is, and who the best photographer and videographer is. They trust our opinion because we’ve seen the best after so many weddings and events. We always recommend the wedding videographers who we believe does the best work.”


By offering the couple the name of a good wedding videographer, a venue builds its credibility to not only provide a beautiful space to celebrate, but also to provide the best wedding vendors in the industry. This makes clients happy, and the happier they are, the more likely they’ll be to recommend a venue to others.


Shows Off the Venue


Of course, another benefit of wedding videography for wedding venues is that it shows off the space beautifully. Obviously, a wedding video editor wants the final product to be stunning—and as a result, the venue will look incredible. “A professionally-created wedding video with the right music, editing, and moments will make the venue look like a fairy tale,” says Petrossian. “Much more so than random phone footage from the wedding guests.”


A Helpful Partnership


When a venue owner regularly recommends a wedding videography company to their couples, it can be extra helpful for the venue. Why? because that videography company will most likely also recommend the venue to their own clients who may not have settled on a space yet. “We’re in each other’s rosters,” says Petrossian. “We recommend one another to our clients who are still looking.”


Also, if you earn enough clients for a wedding videographer, they may be so grateful that they stop by and film a promo video for your space at a low cost, or none at all. If a venue wants a video only for their catering services or to show off an empty ballroom or bar area, this can be very beneficial.




Of course, the newlyweds will be sharing their wedding video with friends and family—perhaps even friends and family who are getting married soon themselves, or having an event of some kind. And if they like the way the venue looks in the video, chances are they’ll want to book it themselves. “We’ve hosted many events for clients who found our space by watching their friends’ wedding videos,” says Petrossian. “It’s great advertising. Each video is like a beautiful commercial.”


Acts as an In-Depth Tour


Wedding videography is also great for venues that feature different rooms or areas, since it can really show off the variety. For example, if a venue has a foyer for ceremonies, a garden for photos, and a ballroom for receptions, a wedding video will show off one, or all, of these areas in a cinematic way. Most wedding videos show the bride getting ready in a bridal suite. This is a fantastic way to show off any sort of room that the venue has like that. By showing off different areas of the venue in a professional video, potential couples can see what their own wedding may look like. “Not even a virtual 360-degree tour can achieve something like this,” says Petrossian.


As you can see, wedding videography is a big friend to venues! If you’re a venue owner with no videographers on your list to suggest to your clients, we recommend that you find a few amazing companies and start. Everyone will be grateful!