Top 5 Modern Wedding Traditions

A wedding is one of the events in our lives that is still steeped in tradition. From the music to the dress, many brides follow time-old traditions when planning their big day.

Here are 5 modern traditions gaining popularity:

1. Trash the Dress

Modern brides are getting more mileage out of their wedding dress with trash the dress photos. Many photographers capture these moments in water, taking photos under towering waterfalls or on sandy beaches. These days, brides are opting for paint, or even mud, to get these one-of-a-kind glamorous photos in their wedding dress.

2. Wedding Videos

Long gone are the days where Uncle Mike stands in the back of the church recording couple’s wedding ceremony with a camcorder. Many couples are opting for professional wedding videos to document the cherished moments of their day. Still photography is important, but a wedding video allows couples to relive their wedding.

3. Ditching the Send-Off

Guests throwing rice at the happy couple as they head off for an exotic honeymoon destination was once a time-honored wedding tradition. Now, the roles are reversing, modern brides and grooms are choosing to close down the party and make sure their guests get home safely.

4. Father Daughter Dances

Many brides still have the traditional father daughter dance at their receptions. Some are choosing to dance with other influential members of their lives, as well. Many brides are choosing to honor their mothers with mother daughter dances at their weddings.

5. Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding

Not seeing each other before the wedding has been a long-standing wedding tradition. But having the time to capture beautiful wedding photos after the wedding can be challenging. Instead, people are opting for first-look photos, capturing the tender moment when couples see each other for the first time.