What to Include In Your Wedding Video: Wedding Invitations + Beyond

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and once that special day comes it flies by like you wouldn’t believe. Memories will forever be there and photos are great to look at and reminisce on, but the only thing that can capture the true essence of a wedding day and all the behind that scene details is a video. Videography is the closest you’ll ever get to re-living your day like its the real thing.

Shopping for a dress, cake tastings and meetings with vendors – it’s all a lot of work and the final product deserves to be documented in a real way. Hiring a videographer is key! So, what should you include in your wedding video? Here’s a list of a few wedding details and wedding day moments that can’t be missed!

Hair & Makeup
The start of the day isn’t quite as glamorous as the moment the bride slips on her dress, but capturing the mood of the bride and groom when they’re excited and jittery is just as special. This is the time when the girls tell their inside jokes and the guys give the groom a hard time before he officially becomes a married man. It’s the beginning of the first day of the rest of your lives.

The First Look
Whether the first look is before the ceremony or the second the bride hits that aisle it’s the one moment that can’t be missed. Make sure your videographer captures the look on the groom’s face because it is always one for the books! And don’t forget the first look between father and daughter.

The Vows
Photos of vow books and special words are nice, but a video where you can replay the spoken words over and over is priceless.

Wedding Day Details
Wedding day details and traditions should definitely be captured. Custom invitation suites, the moment the dress is being buttoned and the shoes slipping on, cake cutting and the first dance. All of the wedding day details and special traditions should absolutely be captured by video and not photography alone.

Videography is important to brides not only as a most special memory, but they’ll get to relive their day over and over and from a new perspective than when they were in the moment. It’s something you’ll cherish forever, share with your children, and pass down to your grandkids. Videography is a wedding day must!

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